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Kuvasz Info

The Kuvasz is a very old breed dating back to 5000 bc in Mesopetamia, which is now known as Hungary. During World War II, they were just about made extinct by the soldiers who would shoot them on sight as they could not sneak around without the Kuvasz alerting their people. 

Kuvasz are not for all owners and should be researched widely before deciding to adopt one and bringing it into one's home or onto one's farm. They are a territorial breed and should be in a fenced yard or property as they will want to increase their guarding territory,  making some neighbours not enjoying this trait. They can be boundary trained with lots of time and effort. Kuvasz are not a breed to be chained or just left in a small kennel. They have been known to live comfortably in apartments but should be socialized and taken for walks and exercise daily.

The Kuvasz is of the working class group and are happiest when doing their job and are very loyal and loving. Whether that entitles being a guardian for livestock or a family companion guardian. They are generally a one family dog and most do prefer the company of children if given the chance, especially from a young age. As with all dogs, they should be supervised. It is very important to teach young children to play accordingly and that altho they are a large breed, should not be treated as a pony. 

The Kuvasz does not warrant a lot in regards to housing and shelter and can be quite happy with a draft free shelter in winter and as an adult dog there is generally no need to heat the shelter as they have a superb two layered coat. Younger dogs or whelping bitches of course do need some heat.

 Here at our kennels, when temperatures go to subzero,  then our livestock are enclosed in the barns and the dogs can decide if they want to be with their charges or take the nights off. We love it when they decide to join us inside the house laying in front of a cozy fireplace or laying their heads in our laps for cozy comfort. 

In the heat of summer, the Kuvasz need a shady place to get out of the intense heat to protect his body from over exposure and to keep his coat from yellowing. Most Kuvasz do not swim or like to even step in water but we've had a few that love our livestock water troughs and will sit or lay in them..even in the winter they will play in the troughs or their water buckets. 

Grooming does not have to be daily, but a good brushing is needed a few times a year as they do tend to mat easily. If started young, they tend to love this interaction and look forward to the one on one time spent. Bathing is only as a necessity to the owner as to how  'clean' they would like their dog. Their natural oils protect them from the elements. 

These large breed puppies should not be over fed so they grow slowly.  Too quickly may result in unhealthy growth of bone structure which is very detrimental to them causing many problems. First time owners of Kuvasz puppies will benefit from owning a reliable Kuvasz handbook. 

If you have never owned a Kuvasz before and think this breed is the dog for you, please research them thoroughly before making your decision.  

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